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Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday that is typically celebrated on December 8th, or on January 2, 2020 (changes with the lunar calendar). Bodhi Day is not very well known and was even new to us! We enjoyed learning about this special day and wanted to share with you a little bit about Bodhi Day as well as some children's books that introduce these buddhist principles to children. Even children and families who do not follow Buddhism can read these books to educate themselves and their children about religious differences and principles of enlightenment.

Bodhi Day is a day to remember when Siddhartha Gautama sat underneath the Bodhi tree and participated in deep meditation. Afterwards, he realized how everything in the world was connected and reached full enlightenment. Siddhartha Gautama is now known as Buddha, and his journey to enlightenment makes for the foundational principles of the Buddhist religion. On this day, people who follow Buddhism reaffirm themselves to enlightenment, compassion, and kindness and evaluate how their religion applies to the modern world. People celebrate this holiday in different ways; some have a Bodhi tree to decorate, some meditate on the life of Buddha, some will visit shrines, and some will serve special cookies shaped like Bodhi trees or their heart-shaped leaves. We hope these children's books can provide a good introduction to the holiday and the basic Buddhist principles.

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1. Under the Bodhi Tree: A Story of Buddha

Under the Bodhi Tree: A Story of Buddha is written by Deborah Hopkinson. It is a poetic story that shares the story of Buddha. It starts with the life of Prince Siddhartha and his journey to finding peace and enlightenment. It introduces the concepts of meditation, mindfulness, compassion, and nonviolence and explains the Buddhist principles in simplistic words that make it easier for younger children to understand.

2. Bindi and the Bodhi Tree

This book is written by Ramakrishna Michaels. Bindi is a busy cat who is able to manage stress and drama in her life. Bindi's duty is to provide "unselfish service to others," which she does by teaching kittens yoga. The narrative of the story outlines basic Buddhist principles. Bindi also teaches that meditation includes deep breathing and expressing gratitude to others. This book can be fun and interactive for kids to follow along with the yoga poses that Bindi teaches. Overall, this is a great book to introduce Buddhist principles and teach the ideas of meditation and yoga to children in a fun and simple way!

4. Zen and Bodhi's Snowy Day

Zen and Bodhi's Snowy Day is by Gina Bates Brown. It is the simplest introduction to mindfulness and compassion from the three books we are sharing today. The two koalas go exploring on a snowy day contemplating the connections of the world. They observe nature with all of their senses and meditate to feel the connections with the world. Zen and Bodhi teach the steps for mindful, deep breathing. This is a very peaceful book that would be great for reading before bed!

Disclosure: We are not sponsored by any of these book authors or publishers. We are simply sharing our favorite books and providing links to Amazon in case you are interested 😊

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