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Christmas Book Recommendations

Ho Ho Ho! Can you believe the Christmas season is already here? With Thanksgiving falling so late this year, it feels like we've been rushing to get into the Christmas spirit! Christmas is a holiday that people of all backgrounds can enjoy. Many children, who culturally do not celebrate Christmas, still participate in and learn about some of the Christmas-related traditions at school like decorating and exchanging gifts. During Christmas, families also spend time with one another and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. In the posts below, we are including religious Christmas books and also Christmas- themed books. These books are excellent for educating children about the Christian holiday and are for everyone to enjoy. Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! Feel free to comment below with any of your favorite Christmas books that we missed!

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1. Christmas in a Manger

Christmas in a Manger by Nola Buck is a sweet board book for young children about the nativity story. Each page provides a different perspective of Christmas day. We hear from the shepherds, the donkeys, the star, and baby Jesus. The pictures are beautiful, yet simple, and the rhyming within the story is engaging for kids!

2. God Gave Us Christmas

God Gave Us Christmas is by Lisa Tawn Bergren. The illustrations in this book are so sweet! The little cubs ask mom about Santa and where to find him. His mom says that God created Christmas and they can go looking for God because he is everywhere. On his journey, he realizes that Jesus is the best gift of all. This is a sweet book about the meaning of Christmas and is perfect for families who want their children to enjoy the fun of Santa but understand the importance of celebrating the birth of Jesus.

3. The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story is a Little Golden Book by Jane Werner. It is a classic book that shares the story of the birth of Christ. This book was first published in 1952, so it is a great book that adults might already be familiar with from their childhood!

4. Olive, the Other Reindeer

Olive, the Other Reindeer is a fun book by Vivian Walsh. It is about a dog, named Olive, who hears "All Of The Other Reindeer" on the radio and believe she should be a reindeer. She heads up to the North Pole to help Santa with delivering the presents. Read this book to find out how Olive ends up saving Christmas day!

5. Llama Llama Holiday Drama

Llama Llama Holiday Drama is another book in the very popular Llama Llama series by Anna Dewdney. In this book, Llama Llama has to prepare for Christmas with all the presents and decorations. The hardest part for him is waiting. His mama has to help him with patience as he counts down the days until Christmas.

6. Snowmen at Christmas

Snowmen at Christmas is a wonderful board book as part of the Snowmen At Night series by Caralyn Buehner. This book has a fun rhyme and it talks about what the snowmen do on Christmas Eve night to celebrate while all the people are sleeping. It is a great book to help get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

Disclosure: We are not sponsored by any of these book authors or publishers. We are simply sharing our favorite books and providing links to Amazon in case you are interested 😊

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