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Martin Luther King, Jr. Children's Books

As we finish the first week of school after winter break, it is time to start thinking about Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. His birthday is celebrated on January 15th, and he is remembered on Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 20th. We remember Martin Luther King Jr. for all the work and sacrifices he made for the civil rights movement. He helped end segregation in the United States and helped end unfair practices towards the black community throughout America. MLK is an inspiration to this day. He continues to inspire activists to fight for racial equality and justice. As part of MLK day, it is important to remember the history of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life, as well as reflect on the civil rights issues in America and consider our part in fighting for social justice. We can start by educating our children about Martin Luther King Jr. and why he is an important person to remember. We can teach them about equality and the importance of diversity. Below you will find some of our favorite children's books about MLK, equality, and diversity.

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1. I am Brave: A Little Book about Martin Luther King, Jr.

Children are never too young to be exposed to non-fiction books about important people in history. This book, I am Brave: A Little Book about Martin Luther King, Jr. is a board book by Brad Meltzer from the Ordinary People Change the World series. This book includes simple text with factual information about MLK, as well as inspirational messages that are simple for young children to connect back to their personal lives. It is a great book that introduces the concept of diversity and that everyone has opportunities to be a leader!

2. Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?

This book, Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.?, is a wonderful non-fiction children's book by Bonnie Bader. She writes several books in the Who Was?? series that educate children about important historical figures. We love this book because of its teachings of MLK. It starts with his childhood life and moves through his adult life. It also teaches about what MLK did to fight for racial equality. In addition to teaching children about the importance and history of Martin Luther King, Jr., we like these books because they introduce non-fiction books to children in a short and concise way. They also include elements such as a table of contents and chapters that are easy for children to understand.

3. A Kids Book About Racism

A lot of times, it is hard to talk about the concept of racism with children, but it is never too early to start the conversation with them, and this is a great place to start. A Book About Racism is by Jelani Memory and he rights in a simplistic and child-friendly way to teach children about the concept of racism. The inside of the book reminds me a little of the book, A Book With No Pictures, in the way that it has only words organized in interactive ways on the pages. The book talks about what racism is, how it makes people feel, and how to identify it when it is happening. The book is basic but has a meaningful impact and can help start the conversation with young children.

4. The Day You Begin

The book, The Day You Begin, is by Jacqueline Woodson. It is about the feeling of nervousness when you feel like you do not always fit in. It is a wonderful book for EVERYONE because it touches on several differences, such as having different skin colors, speaking a different language, having a disability. Woodson writes, "There will be times when you walk into a room and no one there is quite like you until the day you begin to share your stories." What a powerful message to remember the humanity in all people and that everyone is different but it's our experiences that make us similar and can make us feel connected.

5. All Are Welcome

This is one of our favorite books with such a kind message! All Are Welcome is a book by Alexandra Penfold that truly celebrates diversity. This book follows a group of children through a day in their school, where everyone is welcomed with open arms. All the kids come from different cultures and they learn from each each other's traditions. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” This book really emphasizes MLK's belief of equality.

Disclosure: We are not sponsored by any of these book authors or publishers. We are simply sharing our favorite books and providing links in case you are interested 😊

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